Monday, 2 January 2012

Little bit information about Insomnia

Insomnia is very common condition observed in people who works under stress.  Every person face this problem at least once in a life. Some time this problem is very normal some times more critical. Some insomnia victim get sleep but unable to attain required relaxation when get up in the morning. It may last for few days, weeks or some time for month also. If this problem persist for long time suppose for more than three weeks  then this condition referred to as chronic insomnia.  It normally happens due to more stress, anxiety, physical pain, depression or some times because of over active mind.    
 Insomnia can be solved by using medication like sleeping drugs many of the times doctor also suggest sedative. But bad things about this medication is one may get addicted for this medicine. So one has to try to solve this problem naturally. cognitive behavior treatment is also one of the good approach to solve this problem permanently.  You may also try for acupuncture, herbal aids, meditation and dietary changes etc.  One should also try for stress management courses conducted by special doctors which is very helpful to come out of stress in daily life.

Person has to solve this problem naturally  not using any drug.  One has to go for  Hot milk with pure honey every night before going for sleep, Taking hot bath also help to solve insomnia.  Listening a light music also help to get good sleep. So always keep  one thing in mind if your mind is relaxed you could automatically come out  this fast spreading problem insomnia. So any how you would relax your mind if you really don’t want to victim of this problem forever.

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