Thursday, 15 September 2011

Simple Tips to lose weight

Many people find weight loss is very tormenting process. They start to apply different technique to lose the weight but could not perceive it for longer time.  Obesity is very dangerous problem as it create no. of other health issues like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, gout and sleep apnea etc.  So one has to be very careful about obesity problem and try to lose weight as soon as possible. It is observed that apart from much other reason Diet is a basic cause of obesity.  Many people do not have control on their diet and it ultimately results in obesity.  If anybody improves their diet no doubt he or she get succeed in losing weight within short span of time.  Do not expect results over night it will take time it depends upon person to person.
We are going to discuss about few great ways to lose weight.

1)    Drink at least 1 glass water before ½ hour of regular meal.

2)    Eat fruits instead of juice normally juice is more sweetened than fruits.

But fruit contain natural sugar and we will also get lot of fiber from fresh fruits.

3)  Always keep control when you go for party or event because normally we eat more in groups.

4)     Always try to avoid powdered milk in coffee and tea etc.

5)    Do not eat while food as it contain amount of carbohydrates which increase blood sugar which is responsible for weigh gain.

6)    Always avoid butter as it increases weight.

7)     Do not go for larger meal instead of you may try more small meals in a day.

8)    Only diet will not help you to lose weight you would also go for daily exercise. If you are obese go for jogging it is a best way to lose weight.

Follow above tips strictly and you may find fantastic results within few months.

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